What Are The Best Flowers For Seasonal Weddings?

Are you having a seasonal wedding? Still need to choose your flowers? When having weddings Eastbourne in one of the many different changing seasons it’s important to make sure the flowers you choose will not only be available but also look great as well. The flowers are a major part of any wedding and should be considered carefully to make sure you make the right decision for your overall wedding needs. For those who are having a seasonal wedding, the following is a guide on the best flowers for each season for you to choose from.

Best Flowers For Each Season

  • Spring – The best flowers that are available during spring include cherry blossom, lily of the valley, sweet pea, peony, lilac, daffodils, tulip, and hyacinth.
  • Summer – The best flowers for summer include cosmos, zinnia, cornflower, tuberose, sunflower, snapdragon, lisianthus, and hydrangea.
  • Autumn/Fall – The best flowers for fall or autumn include cranberry, pomegranate, scabiosa, mum, celosia, bittersweet, dahlia, calla lily.
  • Winter – The best flowers for winter include quince, protea, hypericum, amaryllis, and French tulip.


Flowers for seasonal weddings come with different options to choose from. It’s important when planning a seasonal wedding that you take note not all flowers are available during select seasons. Whether you’re having a summer, autumn, spring or winter wedding you can be sure there will be some form of flower that best suits your overall needs. So what season are you having your wedding? What type of flowers are you having?


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