Top Grouting Tips And Techniques That You Should Consider When Renovating

Are you retiling your bathroom? Going to use mosaic tiles or some other larger tile? When using tiles one thing that you must do is grout between the gaps. Without grouting it runs the risk of water going behind the tiles and damaging the walls. Grouting isn’t as hard as some may believe, the following is a guide to the top grouting tips and techniques that you can consider when it comes to grouting your own bathroom and mosaic tiles.

What To Consider When Grouting

  • Always complete some prep work and clean the joints to make sure nothing stops the grout from protruding, breaking or falling out. Gently use a soft brush between the tile in the space to brush out any lose dust or debris.
  • Consider taping the edges of the tile before you grout to reduce the risk of excessive cleaning. This will also allow for easier grouting as you don’t have to be as careful to get it in.
  • Try to mix the grout by hand until it’s powder free and in a fine paste that can be applied easily into the tile When mixed don’t leave it out in the air for too long as it can cause problems with it drying out. When it dries out it can’t be used.
  • For a better and quicker grouting experience use a grout float. This is a special tool which allows you to scoop up the grout and push it into the gaps with ease.
  • Use a sponge to wipe away any additional grout on the tiles at the end. You may need to wipe it a few times to remove the grout.


When it comes to grouting your tiles it’s important to consider everything. By taking the time to grout properly you can make your bathroom look great when finished.



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