How To Prepare The Area To Lay Turf

Are you looking to install new turf? Need to prepare the area first? When it comes to laying turf it’s important the area is well prepared first to make sure the turf is evenly laid properly. For those who are looking to complete their first turf DIY, the following are some top tips on how to prepare the land ready for the new turf.

Site Preparation Tips For Turf

Weed Killer – Before you begin it’s important to spray the surrounding grass with weed killer first to kill off any additional weeds which could compromise the site at a later date.

Remove Vegetative Matter – The next thing to work on is removing the vegetative matter such as grass, leaves, flowers or anything else that is growing.

Remove Rubbish – Next all debris will need to be removed. This includes all cement, building rubble, and other material which could interfere with the growth and development of the turf.

Allow For Proper Drainage – When preparing the land make sure you prepare the area and take into consideration drainage management systems where the turf will be placed. When installing new turf, it will need to be watered regularly so you need to drain the access water.

Mark The Ground – The clear ground then needs to be marked for the preparation team so they know exactly where the turf needs to be placed.


When it comes to installing new turf it’s important to prepare the land properly. Without preparing the land it can really compromise your overall finished result. If you need advice speak to your local builders merchants kent. So how did your preparations go?

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