How To Cut Tiles The Right Way

Are you installing tiles? Need to cut them to fit? Cutting tiles is a delicate process and requires careful planning and execution. It’s important when cutting tiles, you have the right tiles accessories such as a tile cutter to make the process much easier. The following is a guide on how to cut tiles the right way, first time.

Tile Cutting Guide For Beginners

Straight Cuts

For a straight cut you first need to measure and mark on the tile where you need to cut with a pencil. The tile should be cut slightly smaller to allow for even grout joints. Next you need to place the tile within the cutter and run a score line along the marked area once to help create a break point. After this is complete push the breaker down to deliver a nice, clean and even cut.

Shape Cutting

For a shape cut use a pencil to mark the area. Next score each line using the tile cutter where it needs to be cut. Last use an electric grinder to cut the scored lines. Start with the sides first and then the middle.

Cut Away A Small Piece

To cut away a small piece simply mark the area with a pencil where it needs to be cut. As always make sure you cut the tile slightly smaller to allow for even grout joints. Next score the lines with the tile cutter before taking tile nibblers and gently breaking off small areas where the score mark is. Don’t try to break the whole section off first as this can cause a large portion of the tile to break.


Cutting tiles can be a very tricky thing, however with the right tiles accessories you can easily complete a tile cutting job successfully. So how did your tile cutting go?


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