DIY Kitchen Upgrades

Upgrading your kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean a major kitchen refurbishment, something that would be amazing but extremely pricey. Instead, you can roll up your sleeves and upgrade your kitchen in small ways yourself, which will be cost-efficient, enjoyable and relatively simple. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen so it should be a comfortable space with a friendly atmosphere. Here are just a few DIY kitchen upgrades to have fun with and revamp your kitchen space…

  • If you have pots and pans piled on top of each other in a variety of cupboards, consider installing a hanging pot rack where they will be in view, save a lot of space and make them more organised. This rack can be made yourself or purchased and installed.
  • A rug or carpet will always warm up a room, especially a kitchen if it has a tiled floor. Make a rug from a variety of different materials to bring warmth and fun to the space.
  • Kitchens Chichester look great with a kitchen island in the centre. Use an old dresser and give it a face lift with some paint and varnish, and then place in an area where there is space. Kitchen islands are not only useful for the extra surface and storage, they bring a touch of modern chic to the room. Add wheels on the bottom to make it moveable.
  • Use decorated mason jars to hold ingredients and large tins to hold utensils.


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